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What You'll Learn

How to Use Pinterest

We all know Pinterest is different than any other site. It has it's own set of rules, and if you want to get ahead with your pins then follow these simple guidelines!

Create eye catching Pins

In order to make a good first impression on Pinterest, you need the right pins. So before creating your own Pins for this search platform follow the simple do's and don't's inside this guide!


Find relevant Keywords

The right type of keywords will help drive traffic directly towards what users are looking for on this platform; which means higher conversion rates (and happier customers)!


Time saving Publishing Techniques

The last step is making sure that you are publishing all those pins to Pinterest, so I'll give you my personal recommendations. I made sure to give you the good, the great, and the best options for saving time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this guide really help me create an effective lead generation system?

Absolutely! In this guide, I guide you through how to get started, how to create pins, how to be found using keywords, and then how to use automation to schedule out your pins so you're always being found for your content! 

I work in a specialized industry. Will these tips be applicable to my company?

Pinterest has a very wide reach, some of the business categories that they help are: auto, beauty, fashion, finance, home, parenting, tech, and more! 

Can this truly make a difference to brining in more leads?

As a small business owner myself, I've been there. I was told only to focus on social media and that got me decent results, but it wasn't until I implemented Pinterest in my business did I start getting leads and sales on autopilot! 

Where did you learn these tips?

These tips are all based on my own experience of starting from scratch and building from there. I don't like to hold back and so you'll be getting A LOT of great information in this guide.


What People Are Saying

Small business owners and marketers alike are raving about how Pinterest helped the them grow their business.

"I hired Sarah Lawyer to support my company in our Pinterest brand building. Her knowledge of Pinterest and what's working now puts her above her competition. Her image design with our brand colors and logo truly make our pins congruent with our brand and purpose. She has 30x our growth marketing strategy on Pinterest. We love working with her and give her our highest endorsement."

Chef Katrina | Truth Bomb Marketing

"Sarah is the queen of Pinterest. I’ve seen her work her magic, I know the kind of care and love she gives her clients, and I’m thrilled to recommend her services and programs to my clients and community."

Lindsey Ardmore | Star Tower Systems

"Before going through Profitable Pinterest Academy, we didn't realize the power of the Pinterest search engine.  And it was very enlightening knowing that search terms in Pinterest vs Google or YT could be very different. I had never thought of that. Everything was presented in a very simple and easy to understand manner. Even ads were made simple, which was awesome!"

Dr. Bob Clarke | Business Owner

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